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There are key features to check out when looking to buy an air purifier such as the filter type. One example of a filter is the HEPA filer. HEPA filters are highly recommended by allergists and doctors because it gets rid of dust particles and most allergens that cause breathing problems. Another type of filter is the ionic filter. Then, there is the activated carbon filter. This filter is very efficient at getting rid of smoke and gases. Another type of filter is the CADR rating. CADR means clean air delivery rate. This rating will tell you how well the product is cleaning the air.

Other considerations are the ACH rating, maximum space coverage and Energy Star Certification. The ACH rating stands for Air Changes per Hour Rating. This tells you how often the air is exchanged each hour by the air purifier. The Maximum Space Coverage tells you how much space the air purifier covers per square footage. Then, the Energy Star certification gives you assurance that the device you’re looking at uses the least energy possible and will not waste your money on higher electric bills.

There are several key questions to keep in mind when searching for an air purifier such as:

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• What are the reasons why I need an air purifier?
• What size do I need for my home or condo?
• What features do I want on the air purifier?
• Where in my home can I put the air purifier
• What about the maintenance and upkeep for my air purifier?